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Resource: Let Us Remember - Music

Posted by Philippe Dulawan on 19 August 2021
Resource: Let Us Remember - Music

Let us remember' is a prayer and reflection resource offered to Lasallian schools and works. It might be used for individual prayer and reflection or at the beginning of team/faculty meetings, staff briefings or whole staff meetings. There will be a different focus for each reflection and over time a library of prayers and reflections will be developed for use.

Today's theme is "Music"

People often ask me, due to my Filipino heritage and propensity to be in front of crowds, that surely I must be musically inclined. I am not. Rather I retort that I am an excellent appreciator of music and musicians. As we have all navigated more solitude than have desired over the last period of time, I have, unexpectedly, found solace through music. There have been times, working remotely, that I have felt closer to people by having particular a few songs on repeat. Some familiar, some new and some just for background noise. This comfort was explained as I received Dumbo Feather, which is "a magazine to help you fly". This edition was devoted to music. So put on a track, a musical item or press shuffle play on your device and enjoy the following prose:

Why a whole issue about music?

Because in a world gone crazy, with everything that once felt like a sure thing now up for grabs, there is still music.

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Author:Philippe Dulawan
About: Associate Director Formation for Mission, Lasallian Mission Services
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