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Resource: Let Us Remember - Recognising the Grey

Posted by Philippe Dulawan on 18 March 2021
Resource: Let Us Remember - Recognising the Grey

Today's theme is "recognising the grey". Often, we are tempted to choose between what appears to be a black and white option, a (false) dichotomy of opposing choices. We see Jesus choose a third way, the grey. In Jesus' answer, we aren't given a black and white option; we must figure out what the best option is at any given moment. Similarly, we see this in everyday life for ourselves and the students entrusted to our care.

The movie High School musical provides a great example, where we can empathise with two characters who fall into the trap of choosing between the black and white option and failing to recognise the grey. Troy, the male basketball player who has a talent for singing, pitted against Gabriella, the studious academic and musical student. Their friends are akin to the Pharisees, entrapping both Troy and Gabriella into a seemingly black or white option. They believe they must choose between their shared passion for musical theatre and their basketball and academics interests. Both Troy and Gabriella find it hard to navigate the grey in this situation. Jesus invites us to see another way.

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Author:Philippe Dulawan
About: Associate Director Formation for Mission, Lasallian Mission Services
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