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Resource: Let Us Remember - Seasons of Life

Posted by Philippe Dulawan on 10 June 2021
Resource: Let Us Remember - Seasons of Life

At the time of writing, where I am in Sydney, the seasons have well and truly changed from Summer to Autumn and now Winter. The days are getting darker, and the mornings are a little colder with the need of an extra layer of clothing. Sydney has experienced flash flooding and a substantial amount of rain, requiring rain-coats and umbrellas. As I prepare to head to Armidale in the coming week, I have been advised that snow is on the agenda and I must pack accordingly. Knowing which season we are in helps ensure the proper steps are taken to enjoy and survive each season.

Similarly, the liturgical calendar within the Catholic tradition also has particular seasons. As I write this, it is a return to ordinary time after the hustle and bustle of Easter, Easter Triduum and the Lenten season.

In Lent, we are often invited into the desert to let go of the excess and enter into simplicity. Looking forward, there is the Easter Triduum to be celebrated, often by the washing of the feet on Holy Thursday evening, the stations of the cross on Friday morning, the veneration of the Cross on Good Friday and the lighting of the candles at the Easter Vigil. Holy Thursday always reminds me of those we cherish in life and the acceptance of radical love, and the sacredness of shared meals. A sense of waiting follows, waiting in the absence, stillness and darkness. Joy, deep gladness and celebration typify the Easter Season. Often, in the Southern Hemisphere, it is the end of the first term of school which means extended family time and holidays with loved ones. Again, it is helpful to understand which season we are in as a collective family. Holy Week also marks the time when, a year ago, COVID-19 began to sweep across the globe and shape the globe's collective understanding.

Over the last 12 months, I have not had the familiar sense of summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring or the liturgical calendar of Advent, Christmas, Ordinary Time, Lent and Easter. There has been such a mixture of experiences that have not had clear distinctions.

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Author:Philippe Dulawan
About: Associate Director Formation for Mission, Lasallian Mission Services
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