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Resource: Let Us Remember - Simple Attention

Posted by Br Arian Lopez on 5 August 2021
Resource: Let Us Remember - Simple Attention


Let us remember' is a prayer and reflection resource offered to Lasallian schools and works. It might be used for individual prayer and reflection or at the beginning of team/faculty meetings, staff briefings or whole staff meetings. There will be a different focus for each reflection and over time a library of prayers and reflections will be developed for use.

Today's theme is "Simple Attention"

The whole world has been living in a state of uncertainty for close to two years now. We still do not have a solution to the global problem that has kept us from doing what we have been accustomed to doing. We still can't see the light at the end of the tunnel.

We aren't built for uncertainty. We hate cliffhangers or ambiguous endings movies, shows and books that leave the audience to decide how the main characters live out the rest of the story don't do very well. We often come away from these open-ended narratives feeling frustrated, even cheated.

As we navigate these cycles of outbreaks, restrictions and lockdowns, we need to find a way to deal with this prolonged state of uncertainty and the anxiety and frustration that it inevitably produces in all of us.

We can look to the legacy that St La Salle and the early Brothers have left us. Today, we look at the idea of simple attention and how it can help us in these interesting times.



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Author:Br Arian Lopez
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