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Resource: Let Us Remember - St John Baptist de La Salle

Posted by Br Peter Ryan on 13 May 2021
Resource: Let Us Remember - St John Baptist de La Salle

Let us remember' is a prayer and reflection resource offered to Lasallian schools and works. It might be used for individual prayer and reflection or at the beginning of team/faculty meetings, staff briefings or whole staff meetings. There will be a different focus for each reflection and over time a library of prayers and reflections will be developed for use.


Today's theme is "St John Baptist de La Salle"

As you read this, many of you will be preparing to celebrate in a myriad of ways, the feast of St John Baptist de La Salle Founder's Day. As we recall and remember this man who began a movement of education that can still be felt around the world today. As we celebrate his feast day, the day on which he was named Universal Patron of Educators, we might reflect on some short quotes from the Declaration on the Lasallian Educational Mission.

Around 1694, when writing the Memoir on the Beginnings, John Baptist de La Salle understood how the plan of God was carried out through him and in the Institute that he founded together with his Brothers. He expressed it himself in these words: God, who directs all things with wisdom and gentleness and who does not force our wills, wishing to have me take care of the schools, led me imperceptibly and over a long period of time from one commitment to another in a way I did not at all foresee in the beginning (Memoir on the Beginnings).

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Author:Br Peter Ryan
About: Director of Formation for Mission, Lasallian Mission Services
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