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Resource: Let Us Remember - What if I'm not Catholic?

Posted by Formation for Mission Team on 8 October 2020
Resource: Let Us Remember - What if I'm not Catholic?

The people who work in our District institutions schools and educational centres, yourtown, our central office at Bankstown embrace a wide range of personal beliefs.

Some have connections, even regular connections, with a Christian church; many do not. For some, especially in Pakistan, their connection is with another faith tradition. Others may have no religious affiliation at all. While it's probably safe to assume that the background of perhaps most teachers in many of our schools is Catholic, even Roman Catholic, the statistics indicate that most Roman Catholics, in Australia at least, have little or no association with a church community.

John Baptist de La Salle's fundamental conviction was that his work in establishing a community of educators in 'the Christian Schools' was God's work. He believed that his Brothers were engaged in an essentially divine mission to ensure the profound and ultimate wellbeing of young people, especially 'the poor', and to encourage them towards the sort of competence that made them employable. That conviction, that our work is God's work, remains at the heart of who we are and what we do. 

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Author:Formation for Mission Team
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