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Rue Neuve: "The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller"

Posted on 5 February 2021

"The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller" - Steve Jobs

We are all called to be storytellers. Storytelling has been a part of our entire human history. We can imagine our hunter ancestors gathering around the campfire telling stories about their pursuits for the day. We recall influential figures like Martin Luther King Jr, who inspired an entire movement by sharing his dream. We remember by heart the parables and sermons of Jesus Christ, whom I consider one of the greatest storytellers of all time. Facts and data can convey essential information, but it is the story that can stimulate the mind and arouse the emotion. And the best thing about this is that we all have a story to tell.

The accounts in the second issue of our Rue Neuve aim to do precisely that - to tell a story. The articles went through a series of revamps and revisions to achieve our goal of making the reader be able to understand and situate themselves in the events featured in this journal. The mindset is simple that Brothers Adan and Nabeel, who are in Pakistan, would imagine that they are physically here with us in the Philippines, and vice versa. If our stories would not evoke the imagination in them, then we cannot expect the same with our Brothers who have been years removed from the Novitiate Experience. Our community hopes that you would be able to journey with us, albeit vicariously. Thus, allow us to share, and also join us, our stories.

Term One has finally come to its fruitful close, and our story for this month's issue is all about foundations, following up on our previous theme of transitions. The past four months have allowed us to familiarize and accustom ourselves to the Novitiate formation program's ebb and flow. Term one has allowed us to experience the zenith and euphoria of happiness and the lassitude and languor of the ascetic lifestyle afforded to us. Yet, the commonality between the two states is that we see, or at least we are learning to see, all the situations in front of us with the eyes of faith.

Thus, with the theme, this issue highlights four foundational stories in our Novitiate journey so far - faith (Fides Quarens Intellectum), service (launching of our online apostolate), communion (learning about the Rule), and our vocation (Discernment: A Follow up, and Vocational Discernment). Furthermore, it features various stories written by the Novices on perspective, thankfulness, and various activities, thus far, and a Postulant's story who had a 'pit stop' here in the Novitiate. Moreover, we also spotlight the lives of three Brothers - Novice Brothers Milton and Anthony, and our Assistant Director, Br. Sebi. Finally, our term-ender article completes the term one story as we share our experiences during our three-day silent retreat, which focused on the most remarkable story of all - the Nativity Scene.

We pray that you, dear reader, enjoy our stories! As we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, our chief storyteller, we wish all of you and your community a story-filled and loving Christmas! Vive Jesus dans nos coeur, a jamais!

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