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SMCA Youth Ministers facilitate an eye-opening and inspirational retreat

Posted on 12 November 2020
SMCA Youth Ministers facilitate an eye-opening and inspirational retreat

The Year 11 cohort at St Michael's College Adelaide, participated in an eye-opening and inspirational retreat, run by the Lasallian Youth Ministers, Zani Bates and Isabella Tocchetti. SALT team members Declan and Asha, as well as Calia Sandona and Ms Maiese, also assisted in the successful day.

Through interactive games involving the opinions of everyone, and interesting speeches regarding beneficial personal experiences, the notion of service, opportunity and sacrifice was highlighted.

As groups collaborated to discuss their ideas and thoughts regarding the theme of "service", we were exposed to the true meaning behind it, and how it signifies something different for everyone. We were reminded of the statue of De La Salle, which had no hands. We are the hands of the future. We need to continue portraying De La Salle's legacy of service, to explore and learn to be grateful for the opportunities we are offered every day.  The court was intrigued by the Lasallian Volunteers Program, which is a fantastic opportunity for students to 'serve' while gaining valuable experience.

"The notion of sacrifice was discussed through the story of Jesus Christ, as he sacrificed his life for us. We were also given other examples of people who sacrifice themselves for us every day, such as family, friends and coaches. Overall, the Year 11 cohort was encouraged to follow in the legacy of St John Baptist de La Salle and Jesus Christ, as well as to be selfless in life, by sacrificing yourself to take up opportunities to serve others".  Holly McGorman (11PC-02)

"During the Year 11 retreat, I learnt a lot about myself, my values and my morals, which coincides with those of St John Baptist de La Salle. The Year 11 retreat opened my eyes to issues prevalent in our society as well as showing ways to help those suffering due to those issues. The activities encouraged us to make commitments and live our life in service of others. Many of the themes and teachings discussed on the retreat struck a chord with me and I'm sure they will too with the cohort." Daniel Sutton (11PC-06)

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