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Solemnity of the Assumption Reflection

Posted by Rana Brogan on 15 August 2021
Solemnity of the Assumption Reflection

In our Catholic tradition we believe that Mary, the Mother of Jesus, was taken into heaven as a reward for her faith and trust in God. Her life and devotion should be an example for us.

In one of his meditations, our founder, St John Baptist De La Salle said "that the special grace we ought to ask, of the Blessed Mary, on this day, the Feast of the Assumption is for us to be removed and to be freed from the corruption of the world and especially to have great purity" (Med 156.2). When we reflect on this, it is telling us that we should look to Mary and to pray to her so that she guide us to be virtuous, good and honest people to have the same faith and trust in God that she had.

On this feast day of the Assumption of Mary, we give thanks and praise for Mary, in the hope we are inspired by her example of humility and willingness to be true servants of God.

Mary is a model for us of what is possible if we are in relationship with God. She is our hope and our promise of what God can do in our own lives if we trust and believe. Mary is an example to all of us, who through her openness, trust and faith in God, enabled God's will to be fulfilled in the most extraordinary way - she put her whole life on the line for God by accepting the invitation and saying yes when asked to be the mother of his Son.

St John Baptist de La Salle reminds us that "when the angel (Gabriel) declares to Mary that she is the Mother of God, and honours her as such (Mary), has no other reply except that she is the servant of the Lord. May all the graces God gives us, no matter how remarkable they may be, incline us also to be humble ourselves." (Med 112.1)

As Lasallians we are people of hope, people sustained by inner joy we are people just like Mary. Our prayer to mark this special Feast of the Assumption is our remembrance of her and our continued trust and faith in her help, especially in these troubled and uncertain times.

St John Baptist de La Salle Pray for Us
Mary our Good Mother Pray for Us
Live Jesus in Our Hearts Forever

Author:Rana Brogan
About: Deputy Principal of Faith and Mission De La Salle College, Malvern
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