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St Michael's collaboration with Flinders University

Posted on 7 November 2017


The Flinders University research team are investigating the highly successful and long-term Environmental Sustainability Program at St Michael's Primary College. St Michael's Environmental Sustainability Program began in 2011 with the establishment of the kitchen garden. From there, the focus on environmental sustainability has grown considerably. St Michael's has joined the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program, developed wetlands, appointed a part-time Sustainability Officer (Robyn Palmer), and implemented waste management programs, amongst other initiatives.

Staff have been successful in obtaining several external grants from organisations such as KESAB and NRM (National Resource Management). Many successful and engaging lessons are held in St Michael's outdoor spaces and students, particularly the Youth Environmental Leaders, have been key in driving the Environmental Sustainability Program.

As part of the research project, Flinders University researchers have conducted several interviews with St Michael's staff. They are also combing through documents and building a timeline of actions that have led to the St Michael's program as it is today. The researchers are reviewing the international literature to learn more about worldwide perspectives on sustainable educational initiatives.

The researchers have commenced analysing the data and will be preparing reports over the coming months about the features of sustainable educational programs In St Michael's case, sustainable environmental sustainability education. Outcomes from the collaboration will include resources and recommendations, which will be available to all schools about how to build sustainable educational initiatives.

Damain Patton, the Deputy Principal of the Primary is very proud of the program's success and longevity and states:

"The program has grown due to passionate and committed staff, students, and parents as well as contributions from the wider community."

For further information, please contact Sarah Winston (Director of Marketing & Communication) on 0417 679 808

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