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St Michael's College: LYG 2019 was an unforgettable opportunity

Posted by Calia Sandona on 8 May 2019
St Michael's College: LYG 2019 was an unforgettable opportunity

The Lasallian Youth Gathering (LYG) is the premier event in the Lasallian calendar. LYG was a vibrant four-day celebration of Young Lasallians from across Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea and Samoa. LYG embodies our Lasallian zeal and Young Lasallians characteristic zest for life, bringing community together in large numbers. LYG was facilitated by the Young Lasallians team, highlighting service opportunities, engaging experiences of faith and meaningful experiences of community. As 2019 is the tercentenary of St John Baptist de La Salle's death it was fitting that the theme for the 2019 Lasallian Youth Gathering was "One Heart. One Commitment. One Life".

This year St Michael's College saw 11 students, two staff members and the two Lasallian Youth Ministers travel to Melbourne for the gathering. Below are some reflections from our students and staff who attended the event:

"LYG 2019 was an unforgettable opportunity I am extremely grateful for. I was not only fortunate to meet many new people within our ANZPPNG district, with the newly added Samoa but also catch up with many leaders I met earlier in the year. The days spent in Melbourne allowed me to grow, improve many skills and learn from a range of people. Being the only Lasallian school in South Australia, it was great to see so many Lasallians engaging with each other, speaking about their opinions and what goes on at their school. I hope I can meet up with the people I've met and made life-long memories with." Zani Bates (Year 12):

"I will never forget my LYG experience. It was an amazing experience, everyone who attended was so open and easy to talk to, which allowed me to meet so many people. My favourite experience was when everybody was playing a game of true or false, I was one of the last five people standing and I got asked to stand up in front of everybody for the final questions, everybody in the crowd started  chanting my name, I was loving it! I would recommend going to LYG to all SMC students." Nathan Pellizzari (Year 12):

"LYG 2019 was an amazing experience. Words can't even begin to explain the impact it has had on every person involved. The constant rushing, awkward first conversations and trying to catch a glimpse of someone's name tag because you forgot their name are all the things that brought everyone so close together. I have made lifelong friendships and now have connections with people all over the ANZPPNG district. I am so thankful for this experience and highly recommend it to all future students." Leah Seager (Year 11):

"The LYG trip was entertaining, fun and eye opening. It was a great experience to meet and converse with new people around the region. Making many new friends are some of the best memories I have of the trip, but I also enjoyed the workshops put on by the Youth Ministers. I recommend LYG to anyone who gets the chance to attend, as it was a great experience broadening my perspective on thewider community." Michael Verbi (Year 11):

"It was inspiring to see so many like-minded students come together for the Lasallian Youth Gathering 2019 and to celebrate the tercentenary. It was a privilege to not only listen to people such as Tracy Adams (Yourtown CEO) and Lana Turvey-Collins (2020 Plenary Facilitator), but also students who were confident enough to explain their faith journey in relation to their life experiences. Our students represented St Michael's College impeccably and are looking forward to implementing some of the social justice ideas within our school community." Ms Anna Porcelli (Teacher):

One Heart. One Commitment. One Life. St John Baptist De La Salle Pray For Us. Live Jesus in Our Hearts Forever.

Ms Calia Sandona, Lasallian Youth Minister

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