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Students Interview Principal Myles Hogarty

Posted on 8 July 2020
Students Interview Principal Myles Hogarty

Myles Hogarty took over as Principal of De La Salle College Mangere in 2012; he made history as the first non Brother to lead the school since it was established in 1953. Myles brought with him over a quarter of a century of experience in Catholic boys' Education through a fellow Auckland school, St Peter's College, run by the Christian Brothers. "I soon appreciated how similar the educational philosophies were between the Founder of the Christian Brothers, Edmund Rice and our Founder, St John Baptist de la Salle", he explains. "They were both committed to establishing schools to cater for the needs of boys from disadvantaged backgrounds, but one started off in Ireland and the other in France".

Click HERE to watch a recent interview with Myles Hogarty conducted by Manaia Iakimo and Aisea Niuafe, two year eight students from De La Salle College Mangere East:The interview was filmed by Sione Nisa. 

What are your hobbies outside of school?

When I was younger, I used to do a lot of running, including marathons.  Nowadays, my knees don't work so well.  I enjoy golf, walks, tramps and mountain biking.

Who is your favourite author or what is your favourite book?

The book I loved ever since I was young is the Bible.  And my favourite authors would have to be those from the New Testament, Mathew, Mark, Luke and John.  Also, Paul and Timothy, who of course, wrote our school motto.  The Bible is a source of inspiration and comfort.

Do you have a hidden talent and if yes what is it?

It must be very well hidden because I don't think I've discovered it yet.  I guess though, I enjoy being a grandfather, rediscovering things I haven't done since a child, like building with Lego.

If you were the prime minister, what would you do for New Zealand?

I think I would make a law to be kind to one another.  It would be compulsory to be kind to our neighbours, to show compassion and to be inclusive.

What makes you proud of De La Salle College?

When I'm on stage, acknowledging those who have achieved highly. I'm especially proud of those students who are the quiet achievers, humble but proud of what they have achieved.

During the lockdown, did you personally learn any skills or acquire any new hobbies?

At Christmas, I got a new bike.  I haven't had a bike since I was 15.  During the lockdown, I cycled a lot; it was great with fewer cars on the road.

What do you think was the major problem for online learning during lockdown?

I think the major problem was expecting young men to spend long periods of time in front of a computer. It's important to get the balance right, of time in front of the computer and other important activities, spending time with friends, exercising etc.

Why did you choose Education as a career?

I enjoy working with people and spending my working day surrounded by 1000 students and 100 staff is great.  I also enjoy seeing students grow and mature.

What are the biggest challenges you face as a principal of De La Salle College?

That's pretty similar to the previous answer. I'd like to see boys take real ownership of the school, the way they work in it, represent it and lift it's reputation in the community.

Who is your favourite sports team?

I don't have one favourite team.  I guess I always support the underdog.  Of course, any team who wears the "maroon", our school colours gets my support.

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