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Thank you

Posted by Merv McCormack on 4 April 2017
Thank you

Seventeen Lasallians gathered in late March to attend Touching Hearts, a three day course in Lasallian Spirituality for Educators.

The presentations and workshops were led by Br John Cantwell, Director of Lasallian Formation for the District of ANZPPNG; Br Gerard Rummery, renowned Lasallian academic; and Ms Amanda Proulx, Assistant Director of Formation.

It was my pleasure to recently read evaluations of the course by participants. Colleagues were invited to respond to the question 'What am I taking away?'

Here are some edited responses:

Greater confidence that I'm on the right path, and confidence to do more

Remembering the big picture and the things that really matter in educating young people

A confirmation of my spirit for teaching

Reminders of the importance of reflecting

A refreshing outlook on what our values are at work, and remembering the bigger picture  

An enhanced outlook on life

The reminder of how holy moments are happening all around us

The depth of Br John, BrGerard and Amanda was very rich and very insightful

The focus on the heart


Peace to carry on in my job

For someone who is not particularly religious, I appreciated that I felt part of the process and not alien to the ideas of God and prayer

A positive and affirming model of 'touching hearts' that can be taken to the classroom, workspace, and life

I'm leaving refreshed and relaxed with a renewed focus and passion for the important work we all do

A different way of looking at challenging kids and how to deal with them

Thank you for this wonderful experience and well done for facilitating such a great retreat

Thank you for the space and compassion and love you held us in

Thank you for letting me come! I will never forget my time here

Congratulations to John, Gerard and Amanda. Touching hearts, indeed!

Merv McCormack

To read the full article- Touching Hearts - The icing or the cake?

Author:Merv McCormack
About: Merv is the Executive Director of the Lasallian Mission Council.
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