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The light that you share: A Spiritual Reflection

Posted by Br Lewis Harwood FSC on 27 May 2020
The light that you share: A Spiritual Reflection

Recently, I have been watching on Netflix the documentary, "The Last Dance" about the incredible Chicago Bulls dynasty of the 1990's. This documentary is centred on the brilliance and sporting icon of Michael Jordan. His overall natural abilities and unresting desire to win championships makes for interesting viewing. It is inspiring to think that Michael Jordan failed to make a school aged basketball team as a young student and then went on to become arguably the greatest basketball player of all time I will leave that to the experts to agree on!

However, what is particularly fascinating about this 10-part series is the winning culture that the Chicago Bulls team created during their successful era. Each individual was able to feel valued in their team and contributed to the winning formula of the team.  Michael Jordan as well as the other players in the team produced a burning fire to succeed and share this with their fans.

In the Lasallian tradition, St John Baptist de La Salle encouraged his teachers to burn with "zeal" in the exercise of their faith and teaching duties.

When over the past month have you felt a strong "burning fire" to inspire students and young people?

In your ministry and work, how can you use your gifts to lead and create a winning culture of hope and joy for those entrusted to your care?

The light within

More valuable than sapphire and ruby more precious than crystal-flake snow caps

The fire burns inside a golden canvas.

Set alight the dreams of tomorrow set alight the fragments of speech;

Ablaze the inner fire of competitive acquiescence

The never-ending maze of truth and beauty;

The never-ending honours of ships and sails

The canvassing spirits of Autumn evenings;

The smell of the brisk air entering the seeds of life

The passing light breathes an energy of vigour and vitality

Valuable - absolutely, valuable.

Author:Br Lewis Harwood FSC
About: Vocations Team
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