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The real goal of education is not to create people who understand only the language of technology...

Posted by Br. Shahid Mughal on 9 March 2020
The real goal of education is not to create people who understand only the language of technology...

Our commitment at La Salle High School and College is to provide a safe and intellectually challenging environment that will empower students to become innovative thinkers, creative problem solvers and inspired learners prepared to thrive with the spirit of zeal to be the positive contributors to serve the humanity in the twenty-first century.

We hold high standards and expectations for each student in regard to academic performance, co-curricular participation, and responsible citizenship which are the foundations of our school. It is with pride that we hold these high standards and ask each of our students to commit to maintaining the extraordinary record of achievement and contribution that has been the legacy of La Salle High School and college students. It is the contribution of our students to our school community that makes La Salle High School College, an exceptional learning community. Full participation in academic and co-curricular programs and a willingness to act responsibly as an individual within our educational environment are the factors that enable all to have a successful and enjoyable year.

"We all know that the real goal of education is not to create people who understand only the language of technology; it should be to also impart a culture of the heart based on spiritual and human values. Tomorrow's world will be shaped by today's children. In their tender minds, it is easy to cultivate universal spiritual and human values. The teaching of universal spiritual principles and human values should be a standard part of general education."

Below are our beliefs regarding teaching and learning that we developed as part of this process.

We believe that effective teachers:

  • Create opportunities for intellectual risk-taking, collaboration, problem-solving, and application of classroom learning to real-life situations;
  • Implement strategies that promote ownership of learning to students;
  • Design instruction to integrate a variety of innovative technological tools and resources to enhance learning;
  • Demonstrate ongoing professional growth in order to increase the quality of instruction;
  • Collaborate with colleagues as one family to share and discuss exemplary practices, interpret student performance and design assessments that promote twenty-first-century skills.

We believe that successful students:

  • Communicate in a meaningful way for a variety of purposes and audiences;
  • Demonstrate a sensitivity to the precision and nuances of written, visual, and aural medium through comprehension, interpretation, and evaluation;
  • Employ critical and creative thinking skills to solve problems;
  • Pose questions, examine possibilities and apply skills to find solutions to authentic issues.
  • Make positive choices related to physical and mental wellness;
  • Contribute to the local and global community in a collaborative and respectful manner

Click HERE to read the 2019-20 Annual Report

See below feedback from Br David Hawke, Visitor.

"I appreciate the opportunity to share a few thoughts for the Annual Report of La Salle High School and College, Faisalabad.

Throughout our international Lasallian Family, the theme for this year is "great things are possible". While this is a focus for 2020, the Annual Report reflects that this theme is a reality year after year at the high school and college. However, we stand on the shoulders of those who have laid the foundations for the quality education and co-curricular activities offered to young men and women during the time period of this report. The current Principal, leadership team, teachers and staff all contribute to make "great things possible."

Over the years I have made many visits to La Salle and each time I cannot help but be impressed by the spirit so evident among the students who never fail to greet me with the traditional "God bless you" and always with cheerfulness and a smile which is catching.

I cannot help but be impressed that La Salle is a model of positive inter-religious harmony where the values of two of the great world's faiths are promoted and lived day in and day out. These values building on the modelling of the students' parents, prepare well, Pakistani young women and men to take their place in, and make a contribution to Pakistani society and elsewhere in the world.

The high school and college must give priority to teaching and learning. The commitment of the teachers and students ensures that student achievement is high with excellent results in external examination. Congratulations to all.

Best wishes as the academic year comes to a close."

Author:Br. Shahid Mughal
About: Principal - La Salle High School & College Faisalabad
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