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The Young Lasallians Team: Ever-changing

Posted by Philippe Dulawan on 20 July 2021

The Young Lasallians Team is an adaptable and responsive team to an ever-changing landscape that bears the privilege and sadness of welcoming and farewelling team members on a fairly regular basis. Due to the nature of this ministry, each shift signifies a new exchange in gifts and skills, new learnings, and the development of our understanding of what it means to be Lasallian. We take the time to commend the contributions of four such members, Franco De Joya, Sr Theresa Nguyen, Maddy Forde and Zani Bates.








Franco De Joya,

Lasallian Volunteer De La Salle, Mangere East (2018)
Lasallian Youth Minister, Oakhill College (2019-2021)

Franco has given of himself in more ways than one can count. He has shared his gifts as a coach, a video editor, a facilitator, a joyful presence, a leader, and more. He has enlivened and energised numerous Young Lasallians gatherings with his creative gift of poetry. Above all of these accomplishments, what shines through is his heart of service, commitment to excellence, and ability to be his authentic self consistently. It is with great sadness that we farewell Franco. We thank him for his tremendous service and his contributions to various Lasallian communities across our district. We wish him all the best as he steps into the next chapter of his life. In farewelling Franco, we share with you one of the many lessons that he has taught us, in the form of an excerpt from his poem, 'One':

So when I meet some One;
When we start to have a yarn
A thread starts to weave in
And out of our stories
Adding, refining, shaping
Multiplying, plussing, relating
Details that provide a
Better picture of this

ONE life that we all share

Matt Murrie honouring Franco: Above and beyond


Sr. Theresa Ngyuen
Young Lasallians Team Member (2017-2021)

Sr Theresa, our team, thank you for your humble, generous and tireless work ethic. All that know Sr Theresa would say she has shared her gift of being a positive and humble presence. Each request, often requiring new skill development, was always met with a smile and a can-do attitude. Sisters' heart of service allowed her to connect every task to the students served on retreats day. She tirelessly ensured all resources were prepared. Sr Theresa displayed generous hospitality at her time, often bringing homegrown vegetables, fruits and cooked meals to break bread with team members. It has been an honour to witness your path as you have moved countries, taken your final vows and now graduated from your English and Early Child-care course. Our team are excited for you to share your presence with these young people.


Maddy Forde
Young Lasallians Coordinator (2021)

Maddy has been instrumental in "Walking new paths" during this turbulent time. Maddy joined the team at Lasalle Centre in November 2020 and relocated from Adelaide. In her time with the team, her Youth Ministry experience has been invaluable to her cohort and facilitation in retreats throughout New South Wales. Her passion for first nations people and inclusion has left a depth of awareness and understanding within the team. Maddy leaves the Young Lasallian team to pursue her Masters in Social Work full time. Maddy has also secured a part-time role with Australian Catholic University to set up their Youth Ministry services at their new site in Blacktown. The Lasalle Centre thank Maddy for sharing her talents and gifts with all the team, teachers and students she encountered in her time with the team. We wish Maddy all the best in her future adventures.


Zani Bates
Lasallian Youth Minister, Adelaide (2020-2021)

Zani has been an incredible force at St Michael's over the last year and a half, bringing such strength to connect to students relationally. She particularly enjoyed connecting with juniors, and she involved herself in sports teams and events. Zani showed deep faith and care for the role that had given her much when she progressed through St Michaels. We wish Zani luck in the pursuit of her nursing career and wish her all the best for her placements!


Author:Philippe Dulawan
About: Associate Director Formation for Mission, Lasallian Mission Services
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