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To Find My Purpose: Lasalle Sister Theresa

Posted by Br Gary Wilson FSC on 27 August 2020
To Find My Purpose: Lasalle Sister Theresa

The exotic Communist country of Vietnam still struggles to provided schools for young children with over-worked parents. Begun in 1966, the Viet Lasalle Sisters 160-strong has been answering that need. On August 8, the feast of Mary MacKillop, Sr. Theresa Nguyen Thi Nga made her commitment with vows for life, at Bankstown St Felix de Valois church, surrounded by the Vietnamese community, her Sisters, friends and the Brothers.

Coming from a very faithed family, she was looking for "another way to serve God better" and wanted to "find my purpose" in life. The community of three Sisters, who live in a simple house in Bankstown, work in childcare and in Therese's case works in the LaSalle Centre and local parish office, teaches Religious Education to Vietnamese Australian children, and visits elderly or sick local community people. She hopes that her temporary visa can be extended to work in childcare. Like all people coming to a foreign country, Therese values greatly the support of Australians -the Brothers in the Chapel road Community and the Vietnamese local community.

"God makes a good place for me... I offer much thanks to God" 

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Author:Br Gary Wilson FSC
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