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Two great days at the Provincial Office - The Lasallian School workshops

Posted by Merv McCormack on 26 February 2019
Two great days at the Provincial Office - The Lasallian School workshops

Director of Formation, Br John Cantwell, accompanied by the Director of Young   Lasallians, Amanda Proulx, and Philippe Dulawan, Youth Ministry Senior Coordinator, facilitated two workshops lastweek for teachers new to the Lasallian school. More than 30 colleagues from Sydney schools attended on either 18 or 19 February.

The aims of the day were:

  1. To invite reflection on our work as part of God's mission.
  2. To invite reflection on our own 'spirituality' at present.
  3. To provide an introductory overview of the life of John Baptist de La Salle.
  4. To provide an outline of some Lasallian educational values.
  5. To explore the challenges of implementing these values

Here at Lasallian Mission Services, we evaluate all programs that we offer. Again, this year, the feedback from attendees was fulsome. A sample of responses is found below for your information. 

I encourage Principals and members of the senior leadership teams, throughout the District, irrespective of where you are located, to consider utilising the services of the LMS Team for staff development and spirituality days. When you are seeking opportunities to gently engage your staffs in informative, collaborative and non- threatening workshops and presentations, I recommend that you consider engaging LMS. The Team is able to develop or co-develop with you, a bespoke program to suit your varied needs (and charisms in multi- heritage schools).  This has been successfully done not only in Lasallian schools but also in schools of other charisms in recent years.

And the LMS Team will travel to wherever is your preferred location.

Check, below, how Sydney colleagues evaluated the day.

"I had no idea of what to expect from today. I greatly enjoyed it and learned a great deal. I'm proud to be Lasallian."

"I enjoyed hearing about Lasallian background for the first time. I now have a better understanding of the underlying values of my school."

"I felt very welcome and am now more aware of St John Baptist de La Salle's work. Thank you."

"A great day to reflect and grow in the Lasallian community."

"Thanks for the great introduction into the Lasallian world. The quotes, virtues etc. were my favourite."

"I loved the 12 qualities. Thank you!"

"I certainly gained a lot from the day and feel much better and comfortable in reflecting on my teaching and day to day relationship with colleagues and students even though I have taught for 37 years. Thank you all so, so, so, so much!"

"Thank you for a very insightful day, just another confirmation of how supportive and inclusive the Lasallian community is."

"Thank you for the welcome into the (our) Lasallian Family."

"Thank you very much for offering this day. I learnt a lot."

"I have worked in Lasallian schools previously to this year. However, I still learnt a great deal today. Very much appreciated! It was very spiritually nurturing."

"Thank you for a great day of learning and reflection. I can now look at my new school through a Lasallian lens. I would be interested in looking more deeply into the Lasallian story."

"I have enjoyed the opportunity to connect with people in the Lasallian community as well as gain a deeper understanding of the origins of La Salle and it values. Great day."


Author:Merv McCormack
About: Merv is the Executive Director of the Lasallian Mission Council.
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