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Vocations Prayer - April 2020

Posted by Br Arian on 20 April 2020
Vocations Prayer - April 2020

BEING A MISSIONARY means seeing yourself as BEING SENT TO OTHERS BY GOD. It means going out to others reaching out to them with the same love and compassion that God has for them. It means becoming as close to Jesus as possible, so as to be able to love in the way that he loves.

BEING A MISSIONARY means loving with the conviction that THE VERY LOVE YOU GIVE IS NOT YOUR OWN, but something that has simply been entrusted to you so that it can reach others. It means looking at others with contemplative eyes, seeing in them God's own beloved children.

BEING A MISSIONARY means APPROACHING OTHERS WITH GOD'S OWN FREEDOM, not seeking any sort of reward or gratitude, but giving your love, your time, yourself, in the same generous way that God does. It means listening to people with an open heart, trying to make yourself available to them for what they are, rather than turning them into what you want them to be.

BEING A MISSIONARY means BEING A PERSON OF DEEP PRAYER. Unless your heart is transformed and purified, you cannot love with God's own love. You may work much, you may exhaust yourself doing things for others, you may obtain satisfactory results, but you will not have given God to the people you pretend to love.

BEING A MISSIONARY means understanding that GOD HAS CHOSEN TO NEED YOUR LITTLE TIME, YOUR IMPERFECT LOVE, YOUR POOR TALENTS, YOUR WEAK GENEROSITY. Your small self is indispensable to God's way of working. Only you can do what is ask of you.

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Author:Br Arian
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