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Walking New Paths: LYG, Regathering & Digital Resources

Posted by The Young Lasallians Team on 29 July 2021
Walking New Paths: LYG, Regathering & Digital Resources


LYG 2021 was to be the return of in-person District events since March 2020. We, the Young Lasallians Team, acknowledge the disappointment of not being able to gather. However, we choose not to be defined by what we can't do; instead, we choose to focus on what we can continue to do. The theme "Walking New Paths" has acted as encouragement and a challenge over the last 12 months. The Young Lasallians Team want to take this opportunity to do two things:

  • Share our appreciation
  • Offer a new path filled with hope


Appreciation and thanks

First and foremost, to our Lasallian community of students, teachers, parents, guardians, college leaders, Lasallian Volunteers, Youth Ministers and the LSC team, thank you for the countless hours, preparation and willingness to gather despite the increased complexity and planning required. We continue to be encouraged that the hope, enthusiasm and joyful zeal is alive more than ever, as shown by the willingness of so many to participate in new and diverse ways.

We extend this gratitude to our collaborators who were generous in their time and practical support:

A New Path Forward: Regathering

With nine days notice of the cancelling of LYG and Regathering, the mid-year formation experience for Lasallian Youth Ministers, the LSC team pivoted to make the most out of the COVID situation. Face-to-face in-person experiences remain our number 1 preference, yet hybrid digital experiences will remain a reality. We continue to learn new ways to harness this technology and provide meaningful formative experiences for participants. The Regathering digital experience adopted a new model:

  • The program had 2 x 1-hour plenary zooms each day which prioritised participant engagement in small groups.
  • Pre-recorded presentations were viewed at the participant's leisure before plenary sessions alongside a workbook.
  • Each participant then had 1:1 zoom appointments, and specific groups were gathered for tailored support.


A New Path Forward: Walking New Path Digital Resource

With an exciting talent pool of LYG Keynotes and workshop presenters booked in with presentations, yet no audience, a new opportunity emerged. How could their insight still be shared with those who can no longer attend in person?

Credit to each presenter who accepted the invitation to present their story digitally in a new multimedia format (podcast and video) in tandem with a YLT member. The YLT team are in the process of creating a "Walking New Path Series" that will be made available to Lasallian Communities to adapt to your local context. This will include suggested lesson plans and support from the YLT to local facilitators who wish to engage with the materials. The team looks forward to releasing this later in Term 3.


Author:The Young Lasallians Team
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