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What makes a good Lasallian?

Posted by Br Lewis Harwood FSC on 25 November 2019
What makes a good Lasallian?

Most likely based on their words and wisdom, they would say this: Lasallians are champions of hope and champions of goodness. Lasallians believe in the miracles in people. 

They believe that hope and acts of kindness have a relationship. A relationship that "Springs" from the inner reality of each person. They externalise  this goodness into helping others  -  the last,  the lost, the lonely in our society. 

St La Salle would see that hope and good deeds share a  common purpose. With these eyes of faith we can start to see that everything has a relationship. 

The stars and the moon have a relationship.

The ocean and the sand have a relationship.

Music and dancing have a  relationship.

So too, does your sense of hope and your actions for mission have a relationship.

And what a great mission this is connecting with schools in Papua New Guinea and Pakistan allowing miracles to happen, the possibilities of hope to be  born. A mission to touch the hearts of others to support, encourage and create wonder.

There is a big challenge out there for us. In terms of the Lasallian mission today that you inherit - There are four critical needs:

-  People going without a basic education (reading and writing)
-  People living without hope purpose or meaning in their lives
-  People not getting food or being fed adequate meals
-  People who are homeless on the streets, no shelter

Today, the deep cry of the Lasallian mission is: help us, help me, love me. Your solidarity - the little acts of support will go a long way for creating these miracles. Champions of hope, champions of goodness. These saints would suggest to us   with the knowledge that things do get better, and things can improve in life.

The Lasallian Mission needs you especially for those who have given up hope in life and who can't attend school or don't have pens and pencils to participate in an educational context.

We go out soon to embrace this spirit of fun and compassion, but we go out knowing we can create miracles.

Live Jesus in our hearts.

Author:Br Lewis Harwood FSC
About: Vocations Team
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