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What's happening in the Papua New Guinea?

Posted by Grace Wrakia on 3 April 2020

Dear Lasallians

Prayer filled Lenten greetings to each one of you as we begin this new school year 2020! We are way into term 1 of this new school year and the lent season and I hope you all have settled in well into the school environment and school duties after a much needed Christmas and New Year's vacation. I pray that this first newsletter from the National Office's new location at Hohola NCD, finds each of you, your colleagues, your students and your families well.

Now that the school routine is with us again, I do hope you are able to focus on those matters of teaching the children entrusted to your care - these are very important matters for those of us in the Lasallian Teaching Ministry. The school routine should not be just a day-after-day routine but should become a holy adventure with God's words as our teaching guide in unlocking the great potentials of His children, entrusted to us. Our ministry is a great one, one in which God favours. Here is a quote from the MTR 1:2 (Med 193:2) which I pray helps us stay focus throughout the school year, and be faithful to this noble profession we have been called to do:

"You have been called by God to this ministry and you have been given the grace of teaching and the gift of exhortation for the sake of those entrusted to your responsibility."

Nobel Laureate for Literature, Anatole France, stated that "to accomplish great things, we must not only act but also dream, not only plan but also believe". Dreaming and believing become, without doubt, two fundamental elements to be able to create "great things".

We Lasallians in PNG like lasallians all around the world, should ask ourselves what the great "possible things" are so that we can respond to the challenges posed by our societies and communities, today?

Like Martin Luther King Jr.'s speech "I Have a Dream" or the constant commitment of Pope Francis to a more human and more just world.., They dream of a world that is more in accordance with the dream that God has for humanity. What dream do you have for the Lasallian Family in PNG?

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Author:Grace Wrakia
About: Papua New Guinea National Coordinator Lasallian Family PNG
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