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Why DLS Caringbah is a great Catholic School

Posted by Angela Porro on 13 July 2020
Why DLS Caringbah is a great Catholic School

Year 7 students from De La Salle College Caringbah recently wrote letters to Fr Julian, Parish Priest, explaining why the College is a great Catholic school. Below are some excerpts:

On our Lasallian Charism (Otis J):
Our College is a Lasallian school and follows the values and traditions of St John Baptist de la Salle. This charism underlines the values which the teachers teach at our school. It is one of the most important aspects we hold in our hearts at De La Salle. We encourage the Lasallian charism in this school from the second a student walks into the gates. It started 300 years ago when they were just ordinary teachers teaching ordinary things. Now there are over 4700 brothers and they all have taught how to make a school great. The Lasallian charism has been alive for over 300 years and is taught in over 150 universities and schools worldwide, and we are a part of this community! This charism is alive in our classrooms today through prayer and even in person. Brother Martin is one of the 5000 Lasallian brothers worldwide and comes to spread his knowledge in some Religion classes. Another way we spread the charism is through prayer. At the start of a prayer we always remember that we are in a sacred moment and in the presence of God. At the end of a prayer we ask the patron of our school, St John Baptist De La Salle, for his prayers. The Lasallian charism is alive throughout the world and especially in our school. We live it out every day, at school or at home, because we are Lasallian, and this makes us a great Catholic school.

On Prayer (Oscar H):
Prayer is of great significance in our school which helps to make it a great Catholic school. De La Salle represents prayer in abundance and always ensures that students are reverent as this is one of the most important times in the day. Every time we pray in our school, whether it is in class, assembly or mass, we always remember that we are in the presence of God, as this can bring reverence and calmness to prayers. Another way we pray in our school is the daily event of the Angelus. At this time, we all stop, stand still and pray. All students are taught and encouraged to be extremely reverent and respectful during these few minutes. This is important because in this time, the whole school stops and prays. Besides mass, this is the only time the whole school prays together. And we do it daily! This makes De La Salle an amazing school because it shows how much we respect and praise our faith. As a faithful community, we strive to represent the Catholic faith in all ways possible, and this must show you how good our school is.

On Social Justice (William T):
Here at De La Salle Caringbah, we are certainly aware of social justice not just locally, but globally. Since the Centrelink near our school is full due to the high unemployment during the COVID-19 pandemic, I had the idea to bring drinks or coffee vouchers for the people in line there (keeping safe and social distancing). This could be a weekly activity, maybe a club for after Friday. This is effective as with it telling the unfortunate that they are not ignored and that they are valued. By showing empathy we highlight that there is no shame in seeking help and express our appreciation for people as individuals. With implementing a program where we assist with love and without judgement, we show people our Christian Faith. By raising money and purchasing coffee vouchers off small local businesses we also generate local employment and stimulate the local economy as it has been knocked by the COVID-19 pandemic with lack of revenue.
Author:Angela Porro
About: Religious Education Coordinator, De La Salle Catholic College, Caringbah
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