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World Congress: Workshop presented by Peter Houlihan

Posted on 25 March 2019
World Congress: Workshop presented by Peter Houlihan

At the World Congress of Lasallian Education held recently, at Universidad La Salle in Mexico City, themed "Lasallian Education for the 21st Century", PETER HOULIHAN, Principal, De La Salle College, Malvern, provided a workshop on "Lasallian Leadership in the Secondary School Context."

Peter focussed on the leadership of St John Baptist de La Salle as a model for leadership today:

"All of us in the worldwide Lasallian education community recognise our Holy Founder, St John Baptist de La Salle was a true leader. A man of extraordinary vision, courage and resilience, with the desire and ability to inspire and support, de La Salle modelled exemplary leadership attributes. Research and analysis of his work and how he was able to lead, direct and shape the development of a revolutionary new system of schooling provides salient lessons for 21st-century school leaders."

The workshop was designed to inform educators and leaders in Lasallian schools on how school leadership can be exercised using the following as the key influence/drivers:

  • the Five Core Principles of Lasallian Education
  • the Twelve Virtues of a Teacher / Leader in Lasallian schools
  • making links with the Founder's writings on how schools should be run with contemporary works on school leadership
  • The Heroic Vow 1691
  • Vows of 6th June 1694
  • The recall from Parmenie
  • how to apply the Founder's messages to today's school leadership challenges
  • use the Founder's works as the basis for leadership lessons in learning and teaching, student wellbeing, community, education in faith and leadership and management in today's school setting

Click HERE to view Peter's full Presentation Notes.

And, in case you missed it, click HERE to see the Keynote Address of Tracy Adams, CEO, yourtown, at the World Congress.


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