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Worshipping through World Pandemic with Damian Khoury

Posted by Julia Goonan on 24 April 2020
Worshipping through World Pandemic with Damian Khoury

April began in a wholesome and inspiring way with our own Lasallian, Damian Khoury leading Worship in a Facebook Live. During this worldwide pandemic, we often feel alone and unable to go about our daily lives to further our faith. Still, the Catholic Youth Parramatta Facebook Page has continued its tradition of Worship Wednesdays through this tough time.

On the 1st of April at 7 pm, Damian went Live on the Facebook page by himself with his piano and microphone. His incredible musical talent graced over 2,000 people that viewed the Live stream as it was happening and even now after it occurred. There have been over 25 shares of the recording since it was released, and Worship Wednesdays will continue each week, where a new artist will sing and lead the audience through several worship songs, in their own unique way.

Damian performed iconic worship songs such as 'Lord I Need You', 'What a Beautiful Name' and 'Oceans' all of which was amazing to hear and even better to have a time of reflection too.  Damian began the Live with a prayer:

"This is an opportunity for us to connect God has no limits We thank God for technology and being able to connect as a community in new ways. I pray that this can be a night of joy and song and I thank the Lord for giving us song and being able to celebrate this tonight".

Damian sang for the audience for half an hour, an incredibly generous use of his talents to inspire and bring together a community of young people, in a time that makes it particularly difficult for people to connect physically.

"This is a safe space for you to sing wherever you are."

Damian finished the Live with the iconic 'Joyful' song that countless young Lasallians would recognise from reflection days, seminars and retreats. Damian ended the Live humbly thanked everyone for joining him and specified that this wasn't a performance but a chance to express his faith in a new way.

"These are the times in the world where we can innovate and create a new normal."


Author:Julia Goonan
About: Creative Writer, Lasallian Mission Services
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