Posted by Kate Mason on 1 July 2019

yourtown leaders attended a rewarding formation program on "Living Lasallian Values: Creating Value for the Mission"  held at the picturesque Santa Teresa Spirituality Centre Ormiston, south of Brisbane in early June.

Br John Cantwell and Amanda Proulx, graduates of the three-year Lasallian Formation program from the Buttimer Institute of Lasallian studies, delivered an insightful program allowing participants to explore the ways in which yourtown values are related to the Lasallian story, both in its seventeenth century origins, and in its 340-year history in which yourtown continues to play a highly significant and exemplary part. The thought-provoking, hands on program allowed participants to confront the fact that being true to the mission includes a willingness to be disruptive, to challenge and to let go of what we know.

At the core of the program was a keynote presentation by Ms Tracy Adams, CEO, on the World Congress of Lasallian Education, held 14-16 March 2019. Ms Adams spoke on "future-proofing" yourtown's culture so that the mission, values and Lasallian charism live on, and the question of where lies the responsibility for doing so.

"It is not enough to be Lasallian in name, we must be Lasallian in deed and action.  It is from the seeing what it means to be Lasallian that people seek to find their place, to contribute to the true nature of the Mission." Tracy said.

Delegates were given an opportunity to take time out from the stress of their everyday lives and reflect in the peaceful setting of the centre overlooking Moreton Bay.

See what the participants took away from the program:

"New ideas to embed charism and mainstream Lasallian values into yourtown."

"Some targeted and meaningful actions; greater knowledge of those who have gone before us and the very important contributions they have made to the movement."

"Challenge to think more literally about what the topics discussed really mean in a day-to-day context."

"Lasallian leadership descriptors; compulsory 'formation' for all staff and managers."

"Greater understanding from unpacking characteristics of a Lasallian leader (s); strong commitment to achieving the mission."

"Find ways to embed/communicate the charism internally and externally in a way that is relevant; courage and the need for it to be a disrupter; 'to serve' as opposed to delivering services; more human."

"A reminder to be courageous and stay the course; a new appreciation for our radical roots!"

"A deeper understanding and connection to the Lasallian mission: a strong desire to continue my learning and develop as a Lasallian leader."

See what the participants thought of the program:

"Periods of reflection; focus on values and thoughtfulness; quality time with the executive and fellow directors."

"The dedicated time and space to spend with colleagues and directors in a different and more personal setting."

"Open conversation; environment; gaining greater insight into the life of J-B De La Salle; mix of board and execs; size of group."

"Time for reflection and the practical nature of the discussion leading to outcomes."

"Space and time to consider lived experience of those who came before how we can draw inspiration from that: collectiveness, openness, genuine engagement."

"Time for personal and group reflection; reading material that allowed us to learn about the Lasallian champions of charism throughout history."

"The relevance of stories from the history to today's yourtown made it much easier to see opportunity; open dialogue with the directors on challenges."

"Great facilitation and venue; time to reflect and recharge; a new perspective on JBDLS then man."

"Facilitation by both Amanda and Br John allowed for respectful yet challenging conversation; good selection of material; excellent to hear about other Lasallians."

"I loved hearing first hand the history and understanding the courage and determination that has been shown across the last 340 years and that we need to continue this forward; thank you for the time to sit and reflect also."

"Learning more of the founding story having access to some of the letters from the Founder really brings the history and the values alive; time within the outside of the sessions to reflect and think deeply about the challenges and potential solutions for me, my team and the organisation; wonderful location and setting; great facilitation."



Author:Kate Mason
About: Communications Manager, District of Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan and Papua New Guinea
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