"This Work of God is also our Work" believing in a Spirit of Faith "nothing is impossible to God".

Welcome to the De La Salle District of Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan & Papua New Guinea (ANZPPNG). The De La Salle Brothers were founded over 300 years ago by John Baptist de La Salle in Reims, France.  De La Salle was canonised in 1900 and declared Patron of Teachers in 1950. The Brothers are present in over 80 countries.

The Lasallian Family in the District is spread across four countries and is engaged in the Lasallian educational mission through primary and secondary schools, teacher's colleges, welfare works, youth ministry, Lasallian Mission Aid, Australia, formation for mission, Signum Fidei, Lasallian Family (PNG), Young Lasallians and Lasallian Volunteers. The mission is shared between the Brothers and Lasallian Partners whose mission "is to provide a human and Christian education to the young, especially the poor" (Rule of the Brothers of the Christian Schools).

The District is committed to strengthening our work by authentic association between the Brothers and Lasallian Partners.   Along with the Brothers' formation programs that are currently operating in the District, we offer programs to our wider Lasallian Family including Retreat Days in schools, Student Leadership Programs, Youth Ministry Programs, Middle Management Programs for emerging leaders including Religious Education Coordinators/Directors of Religious Studies, Lasallian Facilitators, Principal and Board Formation Programs.  We also provide opportunities for young adults to participate in long-term Volunteer Programs through Share the Mission and short-term programs to Balgo (Western Australia), Cambodia, Papua New Guinea and Indonesia. Many Lasallian Schools send students and staff as short-term volunteers in the countries of the Pacific-Asia. Schools also organise Mission Action Days to raise funds for Lasallians in need in other countries. Schools in Australia and New Zealand are twinned with schools in Papua New Guinea and Pakistan in order to provide educational resources and funds to schools in those countries. Young Lasallians also assist with Camp La Salle in various localities across the District.

The Lasallian Mission in the schools, yourtown and other enterprises is thriving. There are many ways for people to get involved in our mission to educate and care for young people.  Our mission is not one that the world can afford to go without.  The more people that get involved and support our work, the more we will be able to reach out to those in need of education for "the work of God is also our work" (St John Baptist de La Salle).

A priority in the District is to promote the Brothers' vocation and other Lasallian vocations.  There is an active vocations' ministry programme in each country with candidates commencing their formation locally and then in the international context. The District encourages the formation of intentional Lasallian communities with a residential community of young Lasallians currently in Melbourne and plans underway for similar ventures in other parts of our District.

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