Lasallian Youth Gathering 2021 (cancelled due to covid) 

Dear Fellow Lasallians,

First and foremost, thank you for your enthusiasm, preparation and willingness to attend LYG. As a Young Lasallians Team, we acknowledge the countless hours of encouragement, paperwork, organisation and sacrifice given by Lasallian teachers, Youth Ministers, senior leadership in the school, parents, guardians and Lasallian students to be open to attend LYG. Being in conversation with you over what LYG could be has been a true source of joy for our Team. Once again, thank you for your support and work in this space - without these works, any event cannot happen.

With recent events unfolding in Sydney, it has become clear to us that if we were to proceed with LYG 2021 on 7 July 2021, we would be putting the safety of your students and staff at risk. As such, Lasallian Mission Services have made the tough choice to cancel LYG 2021.

The Young Lasallians Team are incredibly sad over this decision; however, we understand that compromising the safety of fellow Lasallians is not in any way, shape or form part of our ministry. We acknowledge the entire range of emotions that those who were planning to come to LYG may be feeling at this time.

At this stage, based on our experience and feedback from previous virtual conferences held this year - we will NOT be providing a digital offering over zoom for LYG at this time. We want to honour the time, organisation and sacrifice that both students and teachers would have if a digital offering were to be made. With such short notice, a zoom format digital experience would not achieve this outcome. However, our Team remain hopeful that we can harness our Lasallian Faith and Zeal coupled with modern technology to share the spirit of LYG "Walking New Paths" in a different way.

Thank you again for all your hard work and effort in getting to LYG. We sincerely apologise for the inconvenience this may have caused. We are always open to any feedback you may have or any concerns you would like to raise.

With appreciation,

The Young Lasallians Team

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