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50 Years of Witness Celebrated

Family, Brothers and dear Friends gathered on Sunday 14 August 2022 to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of Brother Rory Higgins FSC.  The Jubilee Mass was held in the Chapel of Saint John Baptist de La Salle at Castle Hill, a special place for so many of the Brothers, for it was in that place that Brother Rory along with several other Novices pronounced their first vows.  The Presider at the Jubilee Mass was Father Paul Pearce SM.  Both Fr Paul and Br Rory joined the Brothers in 1971 when they began their Postulancy year.  The direction of their lives has taken very different paths.  Also present was Philip Cahill, another member of the 1972 Novitiate Group.  The hymns, prayers and readings for the Mass were chosen by Brother Rory.  The opening hymn – Christ be our Light, set the tone for what was a beautiful celebration of Fifty Years of witness as a Brother of the Christian Schools.  Father Paul’s homily focused on the first reading chosen for the Mass – “seeking and knowing Christ and the power of his Resurrection”.  

The celebrations continued with a celebratory dinner at Baulkham Hills.  Brother Quentin O’Halloran gave the occasional address.  Brother Quentin also focused on the theme of “knowing and seeking Christ”.  To quote: “Seeking and knowing Christ is the golden thread that links Rory’s life and ministry over the fifty years since his Robe taking on 1st February 1972.  This quest for Christ has had a decided impact not only on Rory but on the minds and hearts of youths and adults – other Christs – to whom he has announced Christ’s love for him and his own personal quest to love Christ.”

Brother Rory in his response thanked all those who had gathered for the day – his beloved family, very dear friends, and the Brothers, most of whom have been a part of his journey over the past fifty years.

Sincere congratulations are extended to Brother Rory Higgins on his Golden Jubilee.  These last words, from Brother Quentin were addressed to Brother Rory: “Rory, in your dutiful quest to know Christ and the power of his Resurrection, may you be inspired by the inscription on the ancient cathedral of St. Quentin – ‘a man is worth what he seeks’ and like John Qunincy Adams, pursue that as your ‘duty’ so that your wanting to know Christ in all his richness extends into your completing the race you started in 1972.” 

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(Source: Br Raymond Khan)