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Living in a Community with Brothers

**This placement is open to males and females

About the Placement

Lasalle Centre, located in Bankstown, is the nerve centre for the District of Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan, and Papua New Guinea (ANZPPNG a vibrant hub where an intergenerational team of Lasallians collaborate to support and animate the Mission across a diverse District. It is the base of District operations for the Brother Visitor, for staff members who assist and connect Lasallian works Brothers' communities, and for Lasallian Mission Services, which provides direct service to Lasallian schools and works. As part of Lasallian Mission Services, the Young Lasallians Team engage in youth and young adult ministry within and beyond schools as they accompany, animate, and empower Young Lasallians to be vital participants in the Mission. 

Parmenie is a vibrant community of Brothers, many of whom work at Lasalle Centre in Bankstown (approximately 30 minutes away). Located in Kensington, the Parmenie community is intergenerational and strives to be a space which is open to and welcoming of all Lasallians. Lasallian Volunteers are welcomed and will form part of the Brothers' community at Parmenie.  Responsibilities in community can involve helping with home chores; including gardening, cleaning, and cooking.

The role of a Lasallian Volunteer (LVs)

Volunteers at this placement will combine work with the Young Lasallians Team in Bankstown and working with students at a Sydney school.

This placement includes working at a Sydney school 2 days a week where, volunteers will assist students with learning differences under the guidance of senior college staff. The goal of this work will be to improve the students' learning outcomes through workshops and activities in reading, numeracy and literacy. As a member of college staff, Volunteers will also can build relationships with other staff members, including the Lasallian Youth Minister, and to grow in professional skills. This work will take place during the school day and may involve assistance outside school hours. 

At Lasalle Centre, Volunteers will be members of the Young Lasallians Team. Their role will encompass the full range of work in which the team is engaged on behalf of Young Lasallians throughout the District, and as such will regularly involve work both in the office and off-site to support the retreat days and other programs which the team facilitates. Training in effective youth ministry and ongoing personal and professional development as a member of this vibrant team will be essential elements of the work. Common tasks will include preparing materials and programs for events, taking part in team meetings, and assisting with the facilitation of retreats at schools.

Responsibilities of this LV role include: 

At La Salle Centre:

  • Assist in the delivery of student retreats and other Young Lasallians programs across Australia
  • Assist with creating resources and other administrative tasks
  • Contribute to the ongoing development of programs and events

Responsibilities at the College may include;

  • Support individual students and assist in classes with a range of subjects.
  • Assist with reading an literacy programs
  • Coach sporting teams.
  • Promote the Lasallian charism with different activities.
  • Attend and support with outdoor education camps.
  • Support with pastoral care programs, aid homeroom teachers with their pastoral responsibilities.

Challenge: Adapting to and successfully transitioning between varied professional environments (school, office, retreat/event, etc). Occasionally dealing with the challenging behaviour of students. Adapting to a professional position as a staff member when students may often be the same age as you.

Reward: Supporting students with learning difficulties, being an older brother or sister to those in need, engaging with diverse Lasallian communities, facilitating dynamic and engaging retreats and other events for students and young adults, learning event design management skills. Living in a vibrant Brothers community, a short bus ride to   Australia's biggest city centre and famous beaches  and supported by the Brothers pastorally and spirituality. Becoming part of an Animating force in the greater Sydney network of Young Lasallians and the ability to join vibrant parish youth groups.  Growing in independence and developing lifelong professional skills and friendships, experience living in Sydney.

Preferred qualifications: Preference for candidates with previous experience as a Volunteer, strong communication skills, including public speaking, strong time management and organisational skills, strong literacy and numeracy skills, flexibility and resilience. Ability to work well within a team and independently. Drivers licence.

To submit your interest apply here: Lasallian Volunteers Applications 2020

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