Lasallian Vocation

The Lasallian Vocation can be expressed in varying forms for Young Lasallians around our District of Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan and Papua New Guinea:

  • La Salle Community Melbourne - Is a residential community in the heart of Malvern in Melbourne (AUS) that invites Young Lasallians to live together in community, serve together in a common mission and share their faith together. Members go about their everyday commitments but are accompanied by each other in this shared, communal living arrangement.
  • Young Lasallian Communities  - Around the District, Young Lasallians meet for social and formative gatherings in a number of different ways, including:
    • SALT South Australian Lasallian Team
    • La Salle Connect  Sydney
    • La Salle Community Melbourne
    • Lasallian Family Papua New Guiinea
  • Lasallian Youth Ministers  - are in paid positions and are available in Lasallian schools to animate the Lasallian mission as an older brother or sister to the students and staff within the school. They are provided with a formation program to help them carry out their responsibilities as part of a vibrant Youth Ministry team.
  • Lasallian Interns and Volunteers  - There are numerous ways for young people to get involved in the Lasallian mission through our internship and volunteer programs. These are opportunities to engage in our Lasallian vocation, ranging from volunteering at retreats in the local area to an 11 month volunteering program on the 'Share The Mission' program.
  • Lasallian Brothers and Sisters  - Some individuals choose to pursue religious life as Lasallian Brothers and Sisters.

Our Programs

The Young Lasallians team offers a range of diverse programs that are important expressions of the Lasallian mission. Each program is designed for a specific group, context and purpose. Our range of programs include:

  • Retreats and Reflection days -  The Lasallian Youth Ministry team is available to facilitate retreat and reflection day experiences from 1-3 days, either at schools or off-site. The theme of the retreat can be tailored to fit the particular needs of students in a specific year level, focus on a desired theme and context. Each day provides a unique experience for all participants to contemplate their lives through the Lasallian Catholic tradition.
  • Camp La Salle - is an annual event for Year 7 & Year 8 students who may have had a challenging year or perhaps should be rewarded for improvement and/or commitment to school life. The camp is designed for students who will benefit from interaction with other young people from Lasallian schools, would enjoy working in teams and sharing their gifts and talents. Camp La Salle is currently held in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and New Zealand.
  • Leadership programs - The Lasallian Youth Ministry team has successfully delivered an annual 5 day leadership program for Senior Students, Lasallian Youth Leaders' workshops and Lasallian Encounter Days, as well as stand-alone leadership training days. Currently we facilitate a Lasallian Youth Leadership program in schools, whereby senior students are trained in peer to peer ministry with the junior students in the school.

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Lasallian Spirituality in the Pub 2018 update

Posted on 8 August 2018
The following is an Adult Formation Announcemen...
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Invitation: Young Lasallians Evening at ACU, Strathfield

Posted by Amanda Proulx on 8 August 2018
Dear Lasallian Colleagues, Australian Ca...
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Posted on 7 August 2018
On Wednesday 24 July, the entire College com...
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