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Finding Your Purpose

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Why am I here? There has never been a universal answer to that question. Everyone wants to live a life of meaning that brings us joy and makes a positive impact. 

Uncovering and living in alignment with your purpose is a difficult task, even though there is so much advice on how to do so. There are so many ways in which people refer to what this is: purpose, passion, calling, or as has been used in our Lasallian Catholic Tradition, Vocation. Whatever you call it, the question remains the same. 

Wisdom traditions have recognised that living out this question with others is essential.  Our passion is walking alongside you in your process of living out this question. Whether that is through personal and professional development, retreats and gatherings, volunteering, teaching, one on one accompaniment and more. 

Let’s begin the conversation about discovering and living out your purpose. Contact us.

Discover Your Lasallian Vocation