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The De La Salle Community Association Network (DLS-CAN)

Brothers, Sisters, Affiliates, Benefactors, alumni of Lasallian ministries and staff, teachers, parents and community members who have been educated or engaged with Lasallian ministries including schools and yourtown are invited to join The De La Salle Community Association Network (DLS-CAN) 

The network DLS-CAN will be engaged in a broad range of activities, build community and mutual support and provide ongoing connections to the Lasallian Mission throughout the District.

These activities include: -

  • Opportunities for Association, collaboration and Formation for its members

  • Through the development of strategic partnerships, enhance the sustainability of the Lasallian Mission throughout the District

  • Preserve, promote and foster Lasallian identity as a community of committed Lasallians

  • Co-exist alongside Lasallian ministries in advocating for Lasallian education and works 

The patron of the Association is St John Baptist de La Salle.  The values of DLS-CAN are the five core principles of Faith in the Presence of God; Concern for the Poor and Social Justice; Respect for all Persons; Quality Education and Inclusive Community.

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For further information contact Julie Alibrandi, Director of Operations, 61 400 841 017 or email


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