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Frequently asked questions

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How much does the Lasallian Volunteer program cost?

If you are successful in the application process, you don’t pay anything. We suggest you have spending money saved up for snacks and souvenirs to use during the January induction program.


What training will I receive to prepare me for the experience?

There is an intensive Induction program where Volunteers will participate in workshops, listen to and work with guest speakers and join large group activities. 


Can I return home in the holidays? 

All placements allow Volunteers the opportunity to travel home during the breaks. Other Volunteers choose to stay behind, for free time and relaxation.


Do I receive an allowance?

Yes, a small reimbursement of $80.00 per week. The money helps cover the cost of your personal hygiene products and expenses such as your mobile phone. The reimbursement is paid fortnightly. 


Am I covered by health insurance in an emergency?

Yes, you will be covered in the case of an emergency and the insurance is paid by Lasallian Mission Council. Access to health care in each placement has been addressed through a risk management process. There are also supervisors in community who support Volunteers with health related concerns. 


Do I have to pay for food? Do I have to cook?

No, you don’t pay for food. Each placement will provide food and meals for the Volunteers. However, some placements will require you to cook a meal on a roster system. (Don’t worry if you can’t cook, there will be plenty of advice once you get there!) You will also have chores to do around the house, including washing and keeping your accommodation clean and tidy. It will be a great learning experience!


What are the living arrangements?

There are specific arrangements made for each particular placement. This may include living (and working) alongside fellow Lasallian Volunteers in a household, living with a community of Brothers or living at home and commuting to placement. Please check the website ( for the specific details of each placement. 


What support systems are in place for the Volunteers? 

The Volunteers have:

  • A site supervisor on the ground in each placement. They are a qualified member of the staff from that placement and will be your key contact person each day. Additionally, a cohort leader, from Lasallian Mission Services (LMS) is assigned to each placement and is in regular contact.

  • The broader LMS Team, will assist and support Volunteers with personal, professional and spiritual accompaniment. Throughout the year, LMS will be in contact on the phone, online and in-person.

  • A Brother mentor is the community contact (if you are part of a Brother's community).

  • Previous Volunteers are available to current Volunteers to share experiences. 


Can my parent/guardian or carer visit me?

Absolutely, yes! Most families do visit, and we encourage families to do so. Some families make the most of it and turn it into a family holiday! 


Can Volunteers do their own thing on the weekends?

Yes! Volunteers can join local sporting clubs or join in with student teams as Coaches and Assistants. Other Volunteers join a local arts centre to immerse themselves in the culture. Supervision of students can occur on weekends depending on placement. Some placements have access to gyms or bicycles to use after hours.


Can I still apply for university?

Yes! Many past Lasallian Volunteers have applied for university and deferred their place for the following year. Your Volunteering experience may lead to early entry placements at universities. Please conduct your own research, as university entrances may vary.


What is expected of me?

The ability to work independently and as part of a team in support of children and vulnerable adults. You will require either a valid Working With Children Check or a National Police Check. 


Is the program Covid safe?

We are implementing Covid safety to the Lasallian Volunteer program. We continue to monitor and comply with the changing government regulations. We work with local communities to ensure the safety of Volunteers.