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Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders: A Journey with Lasallian Values

Lasallian Youth Ministry took the initiative to plan one-day seminars for Prefects and Lasallian Youth groups in each region, catering to all the schools in the sector.

The goal of this seminar was to instill the Lasallian values in our students and become more capable leaders. Additionally, to grow in our Lasallian values and to know about our founder, we gave a presentation on the Founder's life.

The three regions where the seminar was held were Gujranwala, Multan and Faisalabad. Together, the Young Brothers and Youth Ministers created stimulating and thought-provoking exercises for this session.

Three key topics were presented at the seminar for the Student Leaders' development and growth.

1. St. John Baptist de La Salle's life story gave students knowledge about the Founder of the Brothers of the Christian Schools. It helped the students to grow in Lasallian values and to know about the Lasallian mission around the globe. Br. Adan Malik (Faisalabad), Br. Jabran Bhatti (Multan) and Br. Nabeel Pius (Gujranwala) delivered the presentation.

2. Servant Leadership: Servant leadership is a powerful approach to leadership that can benefit students in many ways. It enabled them to prioritize the needs of their peers, teachers and community. It helped the students to grow in the qualities of actively listening to other’s perspectives and ideas. Empower others, support and enable their peers to take leadership roles. Build strong relationships, foster trust, empathy and understanding. Recognise that leadership is about serving others, not about yourself. Serve with humility. Br. Taimoor Gill in Gujranwala, Br. Zafar Iqbal in Multan and Br. Sajawal Bhatti in Faisalabad gave the presentations.

3. Tools for the Journey: Br. Robin’s presentation on the tools for the journey focused on tools for the leadership journey, symbol recognition and emphasising emotions and feelings. It aided the students in discovering their selves, embracing their genuine faith, and identifying their strengths. The most important advice for developing self-awareness through time management, mindfulness and meditation was provided.

Group activities were planned at the seminar. In their groups, the students talked about what they had learned, and several of them also shared their good experiences. Students shared about how students can improve their connections with peers and teachers. Acquire critical life skills like empathy, communication, and problem-solving, have a positive influence on their school and community

I appreciate all the Brother Principals for their support and cooperation in organising this seminar. I am truly grateful to the young Brothers for leading the sessions. I really appreciate Br. Sajid for his support, assistance, and guidance during the one-day seminar for the student leaders.








Source: Br Robin Younas